About our Yoga Workshops

New to yoga? Looking to deepen your practice, break down a challenging pose or raise your awareness for a local cause? Come to a Yoga Bella workshop! Yoga Bella teachers offer a variety of yoga workshops throughout the year to expand your practice beyond our in-class offerings.

Some past yoga workshops topics include: Creating Balance, The Language of Yoga, Guided Asana, The Foundation of the Foot, Yoga for Cyclists, Stand-up Paddle Board Yoga, and Holiday Restorative Yoga.

All workshops require online pre-registration or a call to the studio at 952-937-8200 to reserve your spot and arrange for payment. Regular class packages and monthly unlimited guest passes do not apply to workshops.

Regularly Scheduled Yoga Workshops:

Introduction to Yoga

Want to attend a yoga class but don’t know where to begin? This introductory yoga workshop will take you through the fundamentals of alignment and breathing. Through practice, demonstration and discussion we will explore simple poses with a focus on safe alignment. Questions and discussion are strongly encouraged!

Guided Asana Yoga Workshop

Are you looking for a way to relax on a Friday night? Do you enjoy a gentle yoga class with hands on adjustments? Do you want to connect with your breath to find the mind-body connection? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Yoga Bella’s Guided Asana Yoga Workshop is for you!

This class is a combination of yoga and body work which brings deep relaxation to the recipient. The class appeals to both the experienced practitioner and the beginning yogi.

How does it work? You will come into comfortable poses and then will be guided through hands-on assistance, into a deeper, supported and relaxing experience. This will allow you to connect to your breath and observe your body with awareness without extending effort.

Donation Workshop

Join together in a slow flow class designed to bring our community together to support causes near and dear to our hearts. During these classes, we highlight the charity – sending our goodwill towards the individuals affected by the charity. Participants are encouraged to bring a donation, often cash or a needed item for the charity. We invite students and teachers to lift up charities of personal significance to them, providing a true community experience.

From our Yogis

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