Yoga for Caregivers + Devotional Hatha Link


A Yoga Sequence for Resilience (Especially for Caregivers)

Use this practice to care for yourself and process emotions, thoughts, and sensations. Cry if you need to, laugh if you want to—so you can develop the tools you need to stay present and care for yourself and others.

Caregiving for a loved one is not a job we apply for; it’s thrust upon us when someone close—a partner, parent, or child—needs help. This disruptive and sometimes immediate lifestyle change can be overwhelming and isolating, leaving us exhausted, anxious, depressed, and unable to provide the kind care we so desperately want to give. But yoga can help us take care of ourselves and find the resilience we need to help others. Here, this gentle 12-pose sequence can help you help yourself.

Model Jessica Herring is an alignment-based yoga teacher and teacher trainer in Denver, Colorado. Learn more at

Today’s practice is about finding your center and feeling peace.

Join Carole in this Devotional Hatha practice and take good care of yourself today!