Yoga For Athletes

If you’re an athlete — no matter your age or sport — then Yoga for Athletes is designed specifically for you! Yoga Bella is now working with athletic teams in the southwest metro area and throughout the Twin Cities.

Whether an individual is a runner, a hockey enthusiast, a softball player, or a summer-only tennis fanatic, a yoga instructor can spot a dedicated athlete right away. That’s because workouts that emphasize running, lifting, and swinging movements leave the telltale signs of tight hamstrings, quads, and shoulders—the trifecta of treacherous spots in fit athletes.

Left alone, these issues can lead to muscular imbalances, poor performance, and injuries. Here’s what can help: yoga for athletes, a practice specifically designed for active people.

“Yoga gives you the power to better understand your body,” says Emilie Smith, a yoga for athletes instructor in New York City. “You learn where you’re strong or weak, tight or flexible.” By correcting those problems, you can raise your game. That’s why so many pro athletes and Olympians are yoga devotees. Plus, it strengthens your core and builds a lean, sculpted physique. (Not a bad bonus.)

Yoga for Athletes has three phases:

  1. Dynamic poses that warm up your muscles and loosen your joints
  2. Passive holds, which relax the body as you stretch your muscles deeper
  3. Restorative poses, a critical element that helps you recover and prepare for your next workout

Add Yoga for Athletes to your regular weekly routine—keeping in mind that it should complement, not compete with, your workouts. “If you’re recovering from a killer workout or injury, move through each pose extra gently,” says Smith. “But if you’re in a down period or an off-season, you can take a more energetic approach in yoga to build strength.”

Yoga for Athletes can be arranged right at the studio, or we can have one of our qualified instructors come to your school or off-site facility. Rates are determined by the number of participants and the frequency of classes.

Our Athletic Clients