#TRYING MY BEST + Hatha Yoga Link




This time we are living in is hard, in so many ways. This video struck a chord with me. The small representation of people in it offer a perfect sampling of the challenges and struggles that are universal in this world right now. We are all facing SOMETHING, and that SOMETHING may be a battle that nobody else, or perhaps very few people see or know about. If you have just a few minutes, we highly recommend you take time to watch the video and ponder the last difficult person you came across, even during this Covid-19 crisis. With the filter of this video in your mind, maybe, just maybe, you could replay your most recent conversation or interaction with them in your mind, and feel yourself softening to them even in the tiniest of ways. We know that we, ourselves, try to always do our best, and even though we may not live up to our own expectations, there are reasons that our “best” shows up differently even day to day – often being completely dependent on our experiences and our state of mind. The tune is catchy; hopefully it will stay with you, and will inspire you to extend a little more patience and understanding to those around you.

Anson Seabra – Trying My Best

Today’s practice is a Hatha class with Tonja.

Try your best and that is good enough for today!