Ten % Happier + 2020 Graduates


Congratulations All 2020 Graduates!

Graduation Amongst Covid-19

The University of Minnesota students are graduating this weekend, along with many other schools around the country. People are being so amazingly creative in finding ways to honor graduates. This was pretty impressive – high school band director Scott Kummrow, Fergus Falls, played all the parts for this virtual graduation rendition of Pomp and Circumstance. He changed hats, shirts, instruments, and hairstyles, but somehow managed to play 20 different parts on 13 different instruments and pieced them all together! What a wonderful and creative gift to his community!

How are you celebrating your graduates?

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

We also think you will enjoy this recent podcast: “Weird Dreams, Family Relationships, and Collective Trauma | Dr. Mark Epstein”


Today’s practice is a lovely Hatha class with Tonja.

She pointed out that if you are feeling lopsided that you didn’t get to Vashistasana (Side Plank) on Side Two, please go ahead and add that into your practice!