Customized Yoga Classes At Your Workplace

Workplace yoga is a convenient, cost effective, and fun way to promote employee well-being, talent retention, and positive workplace morale.

Yoga Bella, based in Chanhassen (southwest of Minneapolis, MN) is pleased to offer on-site classes customized for your office, company, or organization.  Our certified instructors are available to teach ongoing classes at your location or lead a class on a one-time basis.  We carry insurance for this purpose.  Just let us know what your needs are and we’ll make the arrangements!

On-site yoga classes are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace.  Nike, HBO, Forbes, and Apple all offer on-site yoga classes for their employees. “Companies understand you have to address employees’ health and well-being,” says Edie Weiner, president of a New York trend development program.  “Employees need time to relax, and a lot of people are gravitating towards yoga as a way to manage stress.” This trend of on-site workplace yoga is also growing across the Twin Cities.

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In addition to on-site / workplace yoga, our services include:

  • In-studio workshops & classes
  • Studio and supply rentals
  • Private instruction
  • Retreat and off-site yoga options
  • Yoga breakout sessions for corporate events & conferences
  • Packaged incentive gifts for yoga classes or boutique

There’s almost no limit to the ways we can help serve your company with the benefits of Yoga! Just get in touch and we’ll work together to find the best fit for you.

Our workplace yoga can:

  • Allow employees to fit in a convenient workout routine without having to leave the building.

On-site logistics:

Yoga Bella brings yoga to your workplace for as little as $6 per student per class. On-site sessions can take place before work, after work, or over the lunch hour.  Classes can be customized for the needs of each group.  Payment options include workplace-sponsored classes for which the employer covers the expense, and employee-paid classes for which the participants cover (or share) the cost.

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