Not Sure What To Do or Say Right Now?


What Should Our Response Be?


Today we want to “take IN, be WITH the suffering of others – lean into their suffering, without taking it ON”. This is called “Tonglen” in Tibetan Meditation.


“…we need an ecological approach to justice that includes inner work, interpersonal work, and intercultural systemic work – meaning working within ourselves and between ourselves, and then working to change the systems that we’re living in.”


Anyone else unsure what to do right now?

Being Silent – You’re not supporting the cause

Speaking up – You’re supporting the cause incorrectly

Spreading positivity- The world is not all sunshine and rainbows

Being a realist – Why are you so negative?

Being for protesting – You’re supporting violence

Being against rioting – You’re more worried about property than lives

Believing #blacklivesmatter – Don’t you know all lives matter?

Believing #alllivesmatter – All lives don’t matter right now

Believing #bluelivesmatter – You support corruption

What about COVID ? – There are bigger problems going on right now. Those affected by COVID don’t matter.

I’ve never been so confused in my life. All I know is love is the answer and that we need to stop playing into the divide. United we stand, divided we fall.

I fully believe that although all of this heartbreak is very real, it’s all part of a bigger plan to divide, deceive, and control.




Today’s “shoulder friendly” practice by request, challenges your balance (watch your instructor shake!)


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