New Sign-In Procedure and Class Pricing + Gentle Flow Link


We are all so excited to be opening our doors this week!


Thursday morning Hatha will be our first IN STUDIO class, at 9:15am. We cannot wait to see you!


We are currently working on the schedule and you will start to notice changes. Please be patient with us! 


You MUST PRE-REGISTER for the correct class if you are planning on coming into the studio. You will see two classes listed at every time slot.  If you plan on coming to the studio, you will sign up for the IN STUDIO class.  If you plan to participate via Zoom virtually, you must sign up for the Virtual class.  The current links that we have been using will NO LONGER work for the Virtual classes.  Once you sign up, you will receive the link information for that particular class.


We hope you understand that we are going to start to charge for both types of classes. While your donations were so generous were generous, we are a business and due to the sheer costs of doing business, we need to create pricing for both types of classes. As always, if you wish to continue to practice with us and find the new pricing structure unavailable to you, we will work with you on an individual basis! We have set Virtual classes at $10 each and IN STUDIO classes will utilize regular class passes (Singles, 5, 10 packs, or Limited Memberships or Unlimited Memberships) to pay for the classes.  Unlimited memberships will also pay for unlimited participation in both IN STUDIO and Virtual classes. The pricing links will be set up soon, but for now you can select a Single $10 Virtual class if you are not attending in person.


We will begin to phase out the distribution of class links through this newsletter, but will have some ON DEMAND classes available in a library for you. More on this to follow!


What to expect in the studio?


  • Mats will be socially distanced – you will line yours up with a dot on the floor, to keep a safe distance away from others in the class and your instructor.
  • There will not be props available for use – please bring your own.
  • If you normally leave your mat at the studio, we are asking that you take it with you when you leave, along with all of your props.
  • There will be no exchange of money at the studio.
  • If you need to pay for something with a credit card, it will be sanitized before handing it back to you.
  • There will not be back to back classes, to avoid exposure of people coming and going.
  • Masks are a personal preference. It may be very difficult to breathe while wearing a mask. Your instructors will not be wearing masks, as they are filming a Virtual class, and their voices need to be heard.
  • Please reach out if you have questions, and we will learn as we go. We truly appreciate your patience as we start to roll into this next phase, and again, learning lots of new things!


Today’s practice is a Gentle Flow class with Deb.