New Management, Same Studio, Same Community




Denise and I are excited to let our entire yoga community know that after 8+ years of running and managing the studio, we have turned over the ownership of Yoga Bella to one of our kind and talented instructors, Carrie Kearney! Congratulations Carrie!

The decision and process to sell the studio actually began before we knew anything about how Covid10 would affect the delivery of yoga, and how it would affect the world! Late last fall, we began discussing the possibility of selling the studio, which was mainly jump started by the news that Denise and her husband, Dan, would be selling their Minnesota home and enter into the next phase of their life elsewhere! While that still remains an unknown, we began discussions with Carrie in earnest at the beginning of the year. Never did we imagine that the government would mandate a shut down of all yoga studios. Never did we imagine we would be living in a “shelter in place” quanrantine. Never did we imagine that our primary delivery of yoga classes would be via a computer screen! But of course, none of you imagined many of the changes that affected you personally and have become such a strange reality – even as we head into fall and the start of the school season!


We did NOT want to make this transition until we were able to open the doors again and welcome students into the studio for in person classes. We have been holding IN STUDIO classes now for almost 2 months and it has been absolutely WONDERFUL to see our amazing yogis again after such isolation.  Others have been such regular devoted Zoom LIVE STREAM participants, and we love being able to practice with you in real time, and even have a chance to socialize and get a glimpse into some of your personal spaces, if you allow us! And others are now taking advantage of our private YouTube Channel for ON DEMAND classes, and we have received very positive feedback regarding this option – the ability to take the type of class you want, when you want it, in the privacy of your own home. Each month an entirely new “Playlist” is released and the subscription for this is just $30 for the entire month.  Since we are not able to project into the future, or even try to begin to think about when we can offer more classes each day, and increase the capacity. For now, we sincerely hope that one of these 3 options feels comfortable for you, and you are able to keep up your practice. It is more important than EVER to tap into the many amazing health benefits of yoga, for the mind, for the body, and for the soul. Please reach out if you have questions on any of these types of classes, or anything else regarding the studio!


Denise (while she is still here) and I will still be teaching our regular classes at Yoga Bella, and we will slowly be transitioning the administrative functions over to Carrie. She has a great vision for the future of Yoga Bella, and we are excited to have someone approach the studio with a fresh set of eyes and ideas!


Here is a brief statement from Carrie about the change:, “A kind friend reintroduced me to yoga a few years ago during a difficult time in my life, and I’ve witnessed the ways yoga benefits both my mind and body. Last year I took the step to further my knowledge and enrolled in yoga teacher training, completing my certification earlier this year. The decision to take yoga teacher training was a step into the arena, as Brene Brown would say. Little did I know that the opportunity to own an established yoga studio would present itself shortly after, which is a step into an even bigger arena. Yoga Bella is more than just a lovely studio space. It’s a beautiful community of compassionate instructors and caring yogis. I love that Yoga Bella is accessible to all abilities, ages, and fitness levels. It is my hope to continue that sense of community, where it isn’t just about taking a class and exercising, but is instead about connection to self and each other. I’m delighted that Denise and Carole will continue teaching as well. They’ve made Yoga Bella what it is, and for them to continue their wonderful instruction is a blessing.”


Please join us in welcoming her to her new role and we will hopefully see you soon on your mats!




Carole and Denise