Memorial Weekend Grilled Shrimp and Avocado + Vinyasa Flow Link


Al Roker loves to barbecue! See how he kicks off the grilling season with his famous shrimp and avocado

5-20-2020, By TODAY


This holiday weekend, Al Roker will be spending much of his time at one of his favorite places: the grill. And he’s kicking off grilling season with seafood. As meat prices rise and items become harder to find, more Americans are turning to the seafood counter.

So, Al is sharing his tips and tricks for a healthy barbecue of grilled shrimp — in his famous Roker marinade! — and grilled avocado. Al uses olive oil with a high smoke point in his marinade so that the shrimp doesn’t burn, keeping the shell on to ensure the smokiest flavor possible.

Speaking of smokiness, Al grills his avocado to achieve that coveted charred flavor, then dices it up and serves it as a side to the shrimp with a squeeze of lemon, a little salt, a little pepper and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper.

Stay safe! ENJOY the weekend! Please join Carole Monday morning at 9:15 for Devotional Yoga.