George’s Life Mattered!


A Life That Mattered!

We, like you, at Yoga Bella, want to stand in the pursuit of justice, with unwillingness to remain quiet, and with the realization that there is a lot of work to do out there. Our eyes are opened and we have hope that recent events can be a catalyst for change.

MindBody, who manages our software platform said the following, “For us, this is a time to be unafraid of the suffering of others and how they express it. It is a time to listen, to take in, and to not shy away from feeling. Did you know that George and his brothers made each other banana and mayonnaise sandwiches, that they grew up without a washer and dryer, that when they washed their socks and underwear in the sink and forgot to hang them on the water heater, they dried them in the oven? Did you know that George’s mom fed all the neighborhood kids? Although the underlying causes of George Floyd’s death are symptoms of the systemic injustice inherent to our criminal justice system, trauma is always personal. In the work that lies ahead, we must never forget. George Floyd’s particular life mattered.

…we have a lot of learning ahead. We have to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions. We need to transform our thinking and our actions. We need to listen to more experienced racial thought leaders and confront our unintentional complicity in racial injustice. We also need to support the profound work of others on these issues. We promise that we can and will do this. We promise to confront and evolve.

But today is still about a ‘gentle giant of a man who always had your back.’

In memory of George Floyd…”


For those who might not understand the concept of “privilege”, my daughter posted this YouTube video that will stay with me for a long time…

CLICK HERE – Race for $100 Bill


Today we have a wonderful Gentle practice to lead you into the weekend, taught by Sue Morem. Sue got her start teaching yoga at Yoga Bella and she remains dear to us to this day.

Click HERE to spend some time with Sue on your mat today!