Chair Yoga 4-Week Series


About the Class:

Chair yoga can be practiced by anyone wanting a yoga class with more support and where it is not necessary to move up and down from the floor. Poses are adapted and modified for a chair and for each student’s abilities and mobility. Safely enjoy the health benefits of yoga with this adaptive series. Nurture flexibility, muscle strength, circulation, and stress reduction.

It can also be practiced by individuals living with severe arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s. Adaptive class participants must be able to follow simple instructions. We welcome students who do and do not use a wheelchair.

About Sarah Sheehan:

Sarah has practiced yoga for many years as a student and did her 200-hour teacher training 8 years ago. When she was first studying yoga in the 90’s her teacher stressed the importance of listening deeply to the body and how it responds to movement and stillness. She practices and teaches with curiosity for how the body responds to breath, thought, and movement and is always learning new things about these connections. Sarah did additional training with Mind Body Solutions in 2015 which opened up a new door to adaptive yoga for all bodies and abilities.