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Our Studio

Yoga Bella is an independent studio located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, near the western edge of Eden Prairie.  In our calm and serene studio we offer small-scale fitness classes in an inviting and friendly atmosphere. We focus on mind and body exercise to promote physical and mental well-being, enhancing an overall sense of life balance.  Our goal at Yoga Bella is to provide a peaceful place where you will feel strengthened, nurtured, and refreshed.

Yoga Bella is owned by Denise, Debi, and Carole — three instructors who are committed to delivering top quality instruction.

The Yoga Bella Difference

Yoga Bella is a unique, personalized studio where quality instruction meets kind, caring staff and students, for an experience that is unlike any other.

Yoga Bella offers a wide range of class types, as well as a wonderful team of certified instructors who each bring their unique personalities and areas of expertise to the studio.  Yoga Bella offers a complete yoga experience – nurturing mind, body and spirit.

Our instructors create classes that are accessible to our students. We seek ways to challenge and inspire, while monitoring progress and ensuring that each student feels “success” on their mat! The focus at Yoga Bella is not on the mastery of the pose, but of the journey and discoveries along the way.

The great reward for us as a studio is when students begin to notice changes they are experiencing in their lives because of yoga.  They notice they can touch their toes for the first time, they have a reduction in aches and pains, they tell us they “feel better”, “have more energy” or their life has simply become “more manageable.

We’d like to get to know you.
We invite you to become a part of our yoga community.

Our Instructors:

Carole McMonigal
Owner & Instructor

Carole McMonigal discovered yoga nearly 20 years ago. She was drawn to the practice for its therapeutic benefits, which reduced chronic back pain and left her feeling energized and relaxed. Soon she recognized yoga could become an important component to pursuing wellness and painfree living. As an RYT certified instructor, Carole is committed to giving personal attention to every student and helping each individual expand their infinite possibilities. As a co-owner of Yoga Bella, Carole is thankful for the opportunity to guide others on their personal journey toward a deeper mind, body, spirit connection. Carole regularly teaches Devotional Yoga, Yoga Fusion, Vinyasa and Hatha.

Debi Kohlhardt
Owner & Instructor

Debi initially started practicing yoga as a way to cross-train from her jogging past time. She quickly noticed the sense of calm it brought to her mind, and was hooked! Gena Gerard, the Founder of Yoga Bella, was the first person to interview Debi after she completed her RYT-200 hour certification program - `I'm so thankful Gena hired me, what a wonderful door to walk through`, says Debi. Over the last four years, Debi has brought enthusiasm, joy and rejuvenation to each yoga class she teaches. As a proud co-owner of Yoga Bella, Debi invites you to her Hatha and Gentle classes.

Denise Kennedy
Owner & Instructor

An attorney by trade, a fitness enthusiast and avid cyclist, Denise found yoga to be challenging 10 years ago. She found it difficult to tap into the essential letting-go energy required to let the body totally release. In an `aha` moment, she discovered what she was missing and what her body was craving and was hooked with a passion. Denise has studied with well known contemporary yoga instructors in pursuit of her 500-hr training certification, including David Swenson and Shiva Rae. Denise will challenge her students within their abilities and helps her students take Vinyasa to new heights. As a co-owner of Yoga Bella, Denise brings depth and new opportunities to Yoga Bella students through Paddleboard Yoga, Guided Asana Workshops and Ashtanga Yoga classes.

Deb Brandt
Gentle / Vinyasa
Liz Meyer
Yin & Vinyasa
Jennifer Hanson
Prenatal / Vinyasa
Kelly Meyer
Sara Nuahn
Michaele Paoli
Sarah Sheehan
Yoga for Everyone
Sue Morem
Gentle / Hatha
Cecilia Favetto
Fran Bohlke
Doreen Kuzara
Cynthia Kim